Zion Presbyterian Church Mission Statement  ~  (adopted by the Session on December 9, 1993)

Who We Are

     We are a small, but strong, congregation.

      We celebrate our heritage with a commitment to the future.

      We are part of an ecumenical community known for its cooperative spirit.

      We strive to love, support and nurture all age groups.

      We are friendly and welcome all who come to this community.


What We Believe

      We believe in the Holy Trinity of God - the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

      We study and believe the word of God as set forth in the Bible.

      We nurture our faith through worship and prayer.

      We continue to seek understanding of God's purpose for us.


Reaching Beyond

      We believe the mission of this church should extend beyond - to neighboring communities and to all parts of the world, so that all may hear His word and know His love and forgiveness. 



  December 2020  
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